Body Cameras

Why Body Cameras?

In this day and age, having your patrol agents secured and having them in body cams is no longer a requirement. It’s a necessity as it eliminates the entire need for relying on feedback from users which may or may not be accurate. As such we offer two types of body cameras that can be used for your operations along with custom storage options to retain video on premise as well as in the cloud for as long as the retention policy is defined for the client.

Our two body cameras include the BCR-400 and BCR-300. The former is designed for more rugged operations such as security and law enforcement as they may get tossed around during an incident. The secondary is designed more for the on-prem security where officers/agents are required to wear this for the duration of their shift to report any activity on property.

Body Cameras Range


The BCR- 300 is a great fit for security firms that have field agents in a lot of high-risk areas. With our full package it can last a full 8-hour shift for the agent and is very user friendly with ability to assign and lok it to agents so that all footage associated with an agent’s shift can be logged under their respective repository.



  • Body Worn 1080P Recorder, External HD Camera
  • Includes Main Camera and External Lapel Cam
  • 1080P HD resolution on Each Camera
  • Records HD Video, Audio, Images
  • Built-in 2” LCD – Instant Playback of Files, Displays
  • Battery, Capacity, Time
  • 32GB SD Card Storage Max
  • Program Camera / Officer ID
  • No Monthly Fees / Special Software Required


The BCR-400 is designed for more rugged operations such as military use or specialized law enforcement teams that deal with highly volatile scenarios. This camera has built in security features that prevent its footage being used with authorized access and has passive gps in it to allow for tracking of officers/soldiers. It has built in impact sensors for auto-recording when the events are triggered externally. It also contains a much enhanced night vision for military operations



  • Embedded 32GB storage
  • Embedded Li-Ion Battery
  • 30 Second Pre Event Recording
  • 1080P / 720P HD Video resolution
  • AVI File – View via AVI Media Player
  • Embedded Passive GPS
  • Includes Docking Station
  • Records HD Video, Audio and Image
  • 2” LCD Screen – Live Viewing / Playback