Radio Frequency (RF) Technology
for the Twenty-First Century

BLUtag® gives you everything you want
from a RF monitoring solution, and nothing you don’t.

Securus Monitoring Solutions has a rich history of innovation in the electronic monitoring industry. Continuing in that tradition,
we have brought much-needed technological advancements to radio frequency (RF) electronic monitoring solutions with the
introduction of our latest version of BLUhome®, our stalwart home-based RF receiver.

RF technology remains an integral and heavily relied upon part of electronic monitoring programs across the U.S. Knowing this,
we took the initiative to upgrade our RF technology to include features that leverage the most up-to-date technology including:

Fully-integrated biometric
fingerprint scanner.

GPS enabled for additional
location recognition.

4G (LTE) cellular modem for
data+voice communication.

Large back-lite LCD
touch screen display

Seamless integration with our
BLUband® one-piece RF solution.

Features of Radio Frequency Monitoring

What’s more, BLUhome also includes the standard features that agencies have come to rely on from the most reliable RF
monitoring solution on the market today:

  • Accurate recording of the date and time when enrollees enter and leave its RF signal range
  • A built-in handset for two-way communication
  • Adjustable RF signal range
  • In the event of a power interruption, internal backup battery powers the unit for up to 72 hours
  • Built-in memory stores approximately 10,000 events
  • Seamless integration with BLUband, our one-piece ankle-worn transceiver and BLUtag, our one-piece GPS ankle-worn solution