Features of VeriTracks

  • Internet-based tracking application
  • Receives, stores and distributes monitoring data transmitted by GPS monitoring devices
  • Supervising officers can create, assign and edit an unlimited number of date and time sensitive exclusion and inclusion zones for any enrollee
  • Help to control an enrollee’s movements
  • Supervising officers can analyze historical tracks for patterns and trends in the movements of enrollees
  • Supervising officers can assign a back-up or duty officer to receive certain violation notifications while he/she is off-duty (however, the supervising officer can still elect to receive event notifications while off-duty)

VeriTracks® Notifications

Daily Report

Sent to supervising officers every morning (approximately 6:30am)

Displays 36 hours of tracking data for every enrollee

Immediate Notification

Can be received via text, email, or both

Notification is sent upon the start and end of an event

VeriTracks® Daily Report

Each report contains a summary of various VeriTracks® events which are specified by status codes

VeriTracks® Event Notifications

VeriTracks® Immediate Notification