Remote Alcohol Testing and Monitoring

Features of Scram Remote Breath

  • Options for scheduled, random, or on-demand testing.
  • Immediate notification of the client ID and their test results.
  • Ethernet capability enables enrollment anywhere with Internet access.
  • GPS location with taken and missed tests.
  • The handheld remote breath alcohol tester automatically turns on and prompts client to test.
  • Store and Forward technologies ensure all test results (and data) are captured and reported.
  • Optional client test reminders via text, or the SCRAM TouchPoint mobile app.
  • Rugged and dependable, built for law enforcement and corrections.
  • Proven fuel cell technology with ability to test down to 0.00 BrAC.
  • Easy to carry, easy to use.

Automatic Facial Recognition

Workload Reduction With Automatic Facial Recognition

  • Government security-grade facial recognitionnot just photos.

  • Real-time client verification.

  • Significantly reduces the staff time required to review and confirm client identity.

  • High resolution camera ensures clear photos for the 510% you do need to review.

  • Smart technology improves matches by automatically prompting clients to retake poor test photos.

Stores Test Schedules

Scram stores test schedules in the unit and prompts clients when it’s time to test, whether or not theyre in cell rangemaking it the only true one-piece unit on the market.

Stores & Forwards Test Results

Most portable alcohol breath devices don’t record test results without cell coverage. But SCRAM’s Remote Breath is mobile, and should be just that: mobile.
As the only device with STORE & FORWARD, SCRAM Remote Breath can store up to 48,000 test results when out of cell range and forward them automatically when service is reacquired. No matter where clients are, Remote Breath ensures you receive ALL test data.

GPS Location With Every Test

SCRAM Remote Breath stores test results plus a GPS location with both taken and missed tests—a feature that’s proving valuable for the most frequent alert type in remote breath testing: the missed test.

Scram Remote Breath Alcohol Prices In America

The initial American set-up fees range from $50US to $100US ($67.50CAD to $135CAD) The average daily fee is $12US to $14US ($16.20CAD to $18.90CAD) per day, and the average monthly cost would be approximately $300US to $450US ($405CAD to $607.50CAD), and all prices are tax extra. In addition, if the equipment is damaged or destroyed the defendant must pay the replacement costs as well.